Spy... er... spy... er....

My birthday was this week, so I made an extra comic. Happy fuckin birthday to me.

Okay, clearly my chibi skills are in short supply.  With the exception of how ADORABLE the sleeping spider is. Chibi feels like a completely different mentality of art, which I guess is the point.

You don't know this yet, but he is a Bumblebee Schpauzer, and his name is Argus.

You do not know this yet.

p.s. this comic's title comes from one of my least favorite moments in the harrypotter series. in goblet of fire, harry's in the maze and completely failing to work out the sphinx's really obvious riddle. if you'll remember, putting together "spy" and "er" was how he worked it out. the key to solving the riddle lies in the nonsense sound of befuddlement you just happen to use all the time? OH, REALLY? HOW CONVENIENT, POTTER. HOW CONVENIENT. ALMOST AS FORTUNATE AS THE FACT THAT THE ONLY SPELLS YOU SEEM TO BE ABLE TO LEARN ARE THE EXACT ONES THAT WILL GET YOU OUT OF THOSE YEARLY CATASTROPHES THAT HAPPEN TO FALL JUST BEFORE FINALS EVERY YEAR. NICE WORK CONSISTENTLY CHEATING DEATH THROUGH LITTLE MORE THAN SHEER LUCK FOR YEARS ONE THROUGH SIX, STAR KID POTTER.

i have issues.