About the Artist

I live in the Pacific Northwest with a spouse and many pets. I studied film and art history in college, and eventually went from scribbling storyboards of silly stories and creepy scripts I wrote to fleshing out full comics. I’ve been kind of teaching myself over the last mumblemumblesomethinglikeayear, which means there are as many misses as there are hits, but I’m not worried about it.

I wish I could tell you that in real life, I’m like this.
But really, it’s a great deal more like this:
— Maggie McGowan

About Spooky Rabbit

A friend and I take turns spinning yarns at each other, basically bullshitting back and forth every time we talk. I started to wonder what it would be like if the world were actually as crazy as we imagine it to be, and how some people might react. Then I started spinning the people around me into characters, and voila.

As for the Things, I will not explain them. They may frighten you at times, but they may also be benevolent. I have no idea. Spending too much time reading about or even thinking about them could cause them to come into your home. You have been warned.

About Blithe Rabbit

Random comics, artwork, and created objects all huddle under this umbrella. It’s also the name I use for the prints and knitted things I sell. Shop coming soon, but currently for sale at Serendipity Road in Minneapolis (My sister’s store. It’s awesome)! I also have a knack for reading Tarot Cards and knitting nifty little pouches to keep them in. Check out my Storenvy page, The Hare and Hearth